19-inch Rack Mount(2U)-Solid State Power Amplifier

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KeyLink Microwave is mass producing a 20 Watts 80MHz to 1GHz amplifier in a compact 2U package for oversea market. It is a rack mountable-unit incorporating a universal voltage power supply and a built in forced air-cooling system. This amplifier subsystem utilizes LDMOS power device that provides excellent power density, high linearity, low distortion and wide dynamic range. The KB00810S43A SSPA is ideal for EMC testing to various industry standard as well as Broadband Communication.

  • Feature:
    Solid State Design
    Digital Display Monitors: Power Supply Current, Voltage, Forward RF Power,
    Reflected RF Power, Operate Hour
    Instantaneous Broadband Frequency Range
    LAN, Rs232 Remote and TTL
    Faults: Overcurrent ,VSWRO verload, Thermal Overloads, Power Supply
    Whisper mode: adjust  fan speed according to heatsink temperature
    Suitable for CW Modulation Type
    Standard Front Panel Manual Gain Adjust
    Integrated Force Air Cooling
    Three Years Warranty

  • Technical Performance:(@ +28.0VDC, 25°C, 50 Ohm System)

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