GaN devices take the lead, 5G will reshape RF industry

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In the forthcoming five years, The revolutionary transformation of the communications industry to the 5G era is reshaping the RF (Radio Frequency) industry. This is not only for the smartphone market, but also for 3W applications, RF communications infrastructure applications, and 5G will bring significant market opportunities for compound semiconductor technology in the RF power market.
Now, We are at the critical point where the 4G network is mature and transitioning to the 5G network, and there are still a lot problems to be worked out, but it is certain that the new radio network will require more devices and higher frequencies.
The growth of the base station market and the overall RF infrastructure market is accompanied by significant technological changes.We will see,GaN will replace LDMOS gradually in the deployment of all the 3.5GHz macro base station. In future network design, new technologies such as carrier aggregation and MIMO will be adopted, and GaN will be in a better position than LDMOS because of its high efficiency and high broadband performance.
In addition to the telecommunications infrastructure market, the defense market is also growing steadily, GaN and GaAs solid state devices are gradually replacing the old vacuum tube technology.
In the next five years, the important shift of the market will goes with important technological shift. let's look forward to the new trends in the RF power market!

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